WhatsApp Business with Business Numbers

1- After downloading and installing a client, configure your number.

Then you can use this number by WhatsApp verification process easily by following these steps:

Now open the client or app and be sure to have a good internet connection.

Make sure your number is online (registered, live..)

Your number does not support SMS, So you will get a verification code from WhatsApp via a call.

We recommend to prepare a piece of paper and a pen to write the verification code instantly once you hear it so that you do not miss any number.

2- If you purchased a USA Business Number (e.g. 15672580000).

Choose the country United States and enter it as below and click Next.

3- WhatsApp will try to send SMS to your number.

But you will not get SMS from WhatsApp containing the verification code, So you should wait until “call me” link is enabled.

4- Wait for 60 sec .

5-After one minute the link “Call me ” is enabled, now click on it to receive a call from WhatsApp containing the verification code.

A number will call you on installed app and telling you the verification code, answer the call.

You will hear 6 numbers twice, be sure to note the number in a piece of paper, now return to WhatsApp and enter the 6 numbers that you heard in the right placeĀ